· On completion of a match, either one of the players must inform Chris Lai Lam by sms at 08 or by email to chris@l2creations.co.za A match is not complete until the result has been reported. Third hand reporting (i.e. by anyone other than the players involved) is not accepted.

· The schedule is a guideline to allow for the finals to be completed in time for the prize giving at the annual CGA dinner. Should a player, for whatever reason have to unduly delay the completion of a match, forfeiture of the match by the said player as a consideration for the rest of the players in the competition would be highly appreciated.

· The maximum stroke differential between players is 14.

· Anyone who is unsure of the rules or format of the competition may contact a committee member for assistance.

· Only under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the CGA committee will a deadline be extended.

· The CGA committee will be the sole and final arbiter for any disputes that may arise. Timely reporting of the dispute to the committee will allow for a speedy resolution.





              1st Round         -  30 September 2014


              Quarterfinal    -  30 November 2014


              Semifinal         -  31 January 2015 


               Final                -  31 March 2015         


Rules and Regulations


· A div  -  18 handicap or better

· B div  -  19 handicap or worst

· The top name of each pairing is obliged to arrange a venue for the match with the time and date being by mutual consent. If a match date has been agreed and arranged, the player failing to arrive forfeits the match.

Matchplay Competition