Next competition is at Glenvista on 18th July 2021  at 11.20am


Thereafter to ERPM on 15th August 2021 at 6.45 am

Congratulations to Craig Jones for winning the Jackal Creek golf competition with a massive 42 pts. Seemingly the course played much easier than expected as almost half the field got 30 or more pts. Congratulations too, to Garren Kent for his Hole-in-One on the 12th. Well done to the rest of the prize winners !

2021/22 Grandprix standings now posted.

Fixture List has been revised 6 May 2021.

CGA golf shirt is available from Louis Groenewald now at the cost of R230

Slow play remains a contentious issue. Any suggestions to eradicate this problem is most welcome.

 The committee wants to improve its performance as far as the running of the golf competitions is concerned. We are insisting on 2 independent score cards from each 4-ball.  If any golfer is unsure of the workings of the stableford points, they must at least enter the strokes taken by each golfer to complete a hole. The scorers for the day will assist with the allocation of the stableford points.

The committee welcomes any suggestions or proposals that lends to a more enjoyable yet competitive environment. 

CGA Ruling regarding incomplete Grandprix comps due to bad light, rain and/or lightning:


·  If 70% of the golfers have completed their rounds, the competition is deemed to have been played and prizes will be awarded

· For golfers unable to complete their round, the average pts per hole for the completed holes will be calculated. This average times the no. of uncompleted holes will give the pts to be added to the completed holes score to get a final result. (Rounding will be down to the integer value ie 2.6 will be 2)

·  The results of any incomplete competitions are not  carried forward to the Grandprix competition.


Members or Guests that do not have an official handicap index, can play off a maximum course handicap of 18 (senior tees) or 24 ( club tees) and 30 for ladies or off their last known official handicap/index


To speed up play, take note:

1. On the greens, whoever putts first should putt out before the next player putts.

2. On the tee-box or fairway, whoever is ready to play a shot should do so without having to wait your “turn” provided that the fairway or green has been cleared. 4 and a half hours to complete 18 holes is the target! Please give it your best shot.

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