Date                        Course                         Time     Competition      Organisers


   29 October 2017       Parkview                              11.30am    CGA Grandprix


  12 November 2017   Glenvista                             11:20am   Club Championship 


   3 December 2017     Centurion                            11.22am    CGA Grandprix


  14 January 2017        Glenvista                             11.30am    Resched Club Championship 


  28 January 2018        Eye of Africa                       11.30am    CGA Grandprix


  18 February 2018      Randpark Firethorn             11.30am    CGA Grandprix


  11 March 2018           Houghton                            11.30am    CGA Grandprix


  22 April 2018            Benoni Lake                         11.30am   CGA Grandprix










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